Triangular Dresser

Triangular Dresser



  • dressing of grinding wheels and internal grinding wheels



  • PCD or CVD plate on carbide carrier
  • Multiple use due to triangular shape
  • High surface quality, thus increased dimensional accuracy of the workpieces
  • Only suitable for corundum grinding wheels
  • Common holders available
  • Flexibility through interchangeable holders and diamond triangles
  • Radii of the diamonds are flexibly exchangeable
  • Layer thickness of 0.5 mm or 0.8 mm available
  • Vibration-free due to conical holder


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Holder for Triangular Plates:

The dressing process:

Abrasives: nur Al2O3
Grain size: 46 - 320
Hardness: J - N
Structure: 4 - 16

0,125 mm
0,250 mm
0,500 mm

no radius